Oracle Headquarter



Ballerup, Denmark






3.200 m2




Midtconsult A/S



O-Zone House


O-zone is Oracle Denmark´s headquarter. The architecture and the interior
design are based on a vision of inspiring and functional surroundings that
supports the processes taking place in the company, now and In the future. The
architecture is Scandinavian minimalism mixed with organic shapes. The meeting
between clean sharp edged faces, soft shapes and warm shaded lighting refers
to Oracle´s competences developed from client’s demands to use Oracle´s
visionary and technologically competences to obtain results in their field of
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Design of O-Zone


Oracle´s employees have from an early stage participated in the design of O-
zone. Through everybody has been inquired on the topics as interiors of the
canteen, fitness room, workspaces etc.
The company has many different types of commissions. Some of the tasks are
solved under high intensity, while others take calmness and concentration. The
Office space is divided in to four areas suited for different types of work; Call-
Zone, Dialogue- Zone, Project -Zone and Quiet -Zone. All desks in the house are

equally furnished as flexible work units. No one has a permanent desk;
everybody is welcome everywhere in the house.
All employees have their own private locker based on the American high school
model emphasizing the campus feel of the building.
The day starts of in the Locker area. This is the place to fetch one´s tools, before
deciding on today’s works space. This is also the place for collecting post hence
the locker also functions as mailbox. All employees have their private ”toolbox”
that fits into the locker, a functional carrier on wheels that contains the
employee’s laptop, personal belongings and documents. Demands of
functionality and design of the toolbox has been developed through employee
The four work zones have their own set of rules of behavior. They have been
specified the employees. In this way the rules will support the individual persons
favored way of working and in the same time invite to exchange of
interdisciplinary knowledge.




In the Call-Zone one will meet employees with a high level of outward activity.
The guidelines for working in this zone are:
1. Cell phones and IP-phones are set to ordinary volume
2. It is accepted to stroll while calling
3. If a person wears headphones, it means ”do not disturb, please knock
before interrupting.”

In the Dialogue-Zone one will often find employees who are working with a high
level intensity with focus on specific topics. The guidelines for working in this
zone are:
1. Employees have focus on their individual tasks, but from time to time
participate in informal working relationships.
2. If a group of persons is engaged in the same discussion, a meeting room
will be used.
3. Communication is taking place face to face, no shouting across the room.

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In the Project-zone one will meet employees focused on team work, but who
would also like a bit of calmness in their environment than offered by the
Dialogue-Zone. The guidelines for working in this zone are:
1. Discussions in teams who are seated in the same group is encouraged
2. For louder discussion, meeting rooms will be used.
3. Show consideration; make room for project teams to sit together.




Employees who need calm surroundings will work in the Quite-Zone. This zone is
dominated by employees solving individual tasks. The guidelines for working in
this zone are:
1. Cell phones and IP-phones are in silent mode.
2. Dialogue is allowed but show consideration for your colleges working next
to you.
3. Phone conferences should take place in the ”phone booths”
4. Do not stroll while phoning
5. If the above mentioned is too restrictive there is three other zones to be

Every Zone is fitted with different elements to gain a high level of functionality
and flexibility. If you are having a phone conference or a quick 1 on 1 meeting,
the small glassed phone booths. The bigger meeting rooms for other types of
meetings can be subdivided or enlarged by a number of sliding partition walls.
These walls are made as whiteboard walls, enabling the participants to draw and
write on the walls. Lounges of varying sizes have been fitted into the zones giving
opportunities of informal meetings and relaxation. The lounges and the general
color scheme enhance the desired fell of the individual zones.
The house is furthermore equipped with a multiple faith room for praying hosting
all religions, and an Alfa room dedicated solely to relaxation and calmness.


The Vision


O-Zone is created from the goal of making the place of work to more than the
physical place where work takes place. It is the desire to create a holistic frame
of work, that supports the individuality and creativity of every single employee,
and at the same time invites to sharing and developing of knowledge and know
how within the company.

The employees have put together the guidelines that express the company´s
culture and the way they wish to work and cooperated in.
1. O-Zone is the frame for One Red Team
2. We work globally – meet locally
3. We go to work, but there is also room for play.
4. We write at the walls and share our knowledge.